Looking for cheap PAYG fone with cam sub £50.

    Looking for cheap PAYG fone with cam sub £50 for niece for christmas. She is 12 and wants one as all her friends have them.

    Thanks in advance.


    Have a look at the orange online shop…all - they have a few nice handsets on payg under 49.99. However, only one of them has cam (Nokia 3220, which I use myslef, VERY NICE!!!, quite funky with the LED lights on the sides, will definitely make a 12 year old happy, plus it has the best keypad I've ever seen in any mobile, great for texting.

    Alternatively, have a look at…303
    From cam phones they have Nec e122 (£49.99 inc. £10 airtime on Fresh, but I've never used fresh, so can't say how it is), SE k300i (£49.99 + £20 for airtime on vodaphone).

    Tell me if you don't like the above and I'll try to look for some more deals for you.

    If you buy the 3220 through QuidCo, you can earn cashback too. I agree with kemot1984, the 3220 is a great phone for teenagers and I know a few adults that are pleased with it's features/size also. It is trendy, you also get 300 free texts per month if you top up with £10.

    Welcome to HUKD too!

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    Thanks both of you. I will take a look at the 3220.

    Thanks again


    Well, I'm an adult and normally I use Nokia 3230 smartphone (simply FANTASTIC), but from time to time I swtich for a few days to 3220, it's just so nice...
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