Looking for cheap sim-free mobile phone with WIFI

    As per title:
    Any advice which cheapish phone to get that has WIFI and a screen that is good enough for some basic internet surfing (facebook, ebay etc.)?

    Many thanks in advance!


    Nokia C3. Usually arond £79.95

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    Nokia C3. Usually arond £79.95

    Thanks for the advice but I think I pass on that one. My workphone is a Nokia E71 which looks quite similar and I find it not that great to say the least. Especially the internet is very slow (also via WIFI) and not very easy to use on that small screen.

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    I like my Sony Ericsson Elm. You could look at an iPod Touch aswell.

    I like the looks of the 'Elm', but very poor reviews on amazon?

    I did consider Ipod touch but my wife has already an Ipod classic so this would have to be one extra device to carry, hence the idea of a phone which serves the internet purpose on the go.

    But thanks a lot for all advices so far.

    Nokia 5800. It's a great phone with great specs. The things that let it down is the 3.2mp camera and the fact that lots of people have it.

    Orange san-francisco, £109 including £10 top up, if you are an orange customer you can get it for £79. Details here. It is brilliant, I have bought one few days back and I am very happy with it. Simply put, it does almost everything which an HTC desire or iphone does. You can see the pros and cons on the link I have mentioned already, but over all it is the best value for money.
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