Looking for cheapest 128GB SD card for the Switch?

Posted 15th Dec 2022 (Posted 14 h, 32 m ago)
Does anyone have any suggestions? Not sure what a reasonable price point would be.
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    Don't you want something a bit bigger..
    Some suggestions in here if you dont want to go Nintendo tax hotukdeals.com/sha…646
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    Have you tried searching on the deal site you're on?
    Yes and couldn’t see any decent unexpired deals. Your post history is literally a Google search party, so pipe down mate.
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    Assuming A1 V30 U3 spec floats your boat with comfort of sold directly by Amazon:
    £8.51 for 128GB

    Amazon TF card prices are volatile and change almost daily.
    Looks sus but thanks
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    Hi OP, If you're not 100% tied to budget, I would highly recommend upping to 256gb if you can eke out another £8 or so. I found that I was always memory managing a 128gb card on my Switches - deleting, reinstalling etc, but the 256gb allows that many more games to be stored that I've never needed to delete a game since.

    My memory have their own 256gb on sale at the moment for £20: mymemory.co.uk/mym…tml

    If it's got to be as absolutely cheap as poss or needs to be 128gb then ignore this
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