Looking for Cheapest Broadband + Home Line Rental, Any recommendations

    My SKY broadband is expiring in couple of weeks. called sky retention department and they are not offering any deal to me. Now looking for cheapest broadband and phone line...


    I know a lot of people hate them but Talk talk have been brilliant for me - including the customer service.
    I pay £17/month for unlimited broadband and landline gets free calls on the weekend.

    It's faster than my old BT broadband too - I usually get 12-14mb download speeds.

    use Quidco and go for BT. I got £160 Quidco cash back +£100 BT master card .

    I'm sure talk talk are free for 1st 18 months. they were not too long ago

    I want quid Co what is it I don't know bout it I want it x

    If someone else you live with can do it in their name (as it's new customers only) you can get the MSE deal which is £8.70pm for line rental and broadband plus £50 account credit so until the £50 credit is used up you pay nothing.
    That's what we did in our house when they were doing this offer a few months ago

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    use Quidco and go for BT. I got £160 Quidco cash back +£100 BT master c … use Quidco and go for BT. I got £160 Quidco cash back +£100 BT master card .

    I just checked the quidco BT page and they are offering only 85 atm.

    Have they not offered the £17.40 deal (free broadband, just pay line rental)? If you're willing to pay that, try cancelling online, you should be taken to that offer.

    Not low enough for me, so I'm cancelling. There was a Plusnet offer recently that worked out at just over £9/month but I missed it. I expect something similar will come up.
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