looking for cheapest paint which combats mold not sure what its called

    i have cleaned with bleach and keeps returning and someone said paint the walls with this paint that has mold treatment in


    Still need to strip back any exisiting mold before you paint it. How has the mold been caused? That may have a factor in the prevention.

    International do a good range of paints, They do an Anti-Damp and Ant-Condensation. Not the cheapest but DOES work have been through the same thing.

    Not just a cover up paint thats the good thing, actually has fungicides in the paint. ]CLICKY
    International Paints

    Problem with mold is, unless you get rid of every spore it just spreads again its a ruddy nightmare.

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    had the man from the housing out he says it where things such as furniture touching the wall that cause it he stuck vents in both my daughters bedrooms and advised the paint it does wash off but then returns.

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    rep left thanks peeps

    Is your house one of those concrete shutter builds?

    Have you got double glazing?

    Central heating and or Gas fire?

    Do you dry clothes inside on the radiators?

    If yes is the answer to the majority of these it might be worth looking into getting a dehumidifier amazing bits of kit if your suffering from internal condensation best thing I ever bought!
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