Looking for cheapest Twin screen Portable DVD Player for the car please?

Have had a wee look around myself but thought I'd ask here just in case anyone had seen any good deals? Ideally not wanting to go above £80- £100 on this.

Thanks. x


Tough one mate for under £100! Ebay could be your best bet or bargainstock


Hope you find something.

Argos have a cheap one, dont know if its any good and you have to find it in store
hope it helps

theres this one at Tesco's



Tough one mate for under £100! Ebay could be your best bet or … Tough one mate for under £100! Ebay could be your best bet or bargainstockhttp://www.bargainstock.co.uk/Catalog.asp?searching=&c=19&ss=0&f=&fcat=&pg=8Hope you find something.

Hi there
This one can be made Region Free Acoustic Solutions ASVM6271

Acoustic Solutions ASVM-6271
Region code hack
1. Switch on
2. Open Unit.
3. Insert the following number sequence with the Remote control: 9 7 3 5 9 7
4. this opens a sub-menu, and you should be able to highlight what region you want. Region 9 covers all (I think!)

Also this one
Acoustic Solutions DVD-263
Power on the DVD player.
Open the tray.
Key in 5168 on the remote.
A secret menu should appear which lets you change the region as well as showing you the firmware revision and other settings.
Set it to region 0
Hope this may help you all
A good place to start is here for all region free codes.......

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