Looking for clip frames, 62x93cm, preferably not £35 each

    I picked up some nice posters in HMV of various things (very good actually, 3 for £10) but I'm having a nightmare trying to find anywhere that sells the right size frames at a reasonable price. They're 62x93cm, which seems to be pretty big in the scheme of things. The only places I've managed to find it, it ends up coming out at £50 for a couple of acrylic frames delivered, which seems too much to me. £25 for 2, more like. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


    wilcos sell them and lots cheaper

    Have you had a look at IKEA, they usually do very large frames.

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    Yeah I tried those, they looked promising but just not the right size. 100x70 is the closest I can find there. Surely it's not that obscure size-wise, seems like standard poster size to me!

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    OK gone for Wilkinsons in the end, went for a slightly too small one, only £7! I'll just have to trim my beloved Scarface and Star Wars posters

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