Looking for compact, good speakers. Advice wanted!

    Im looking for some speakers that i could hook upto my PC and to my Iphone docking station at the same time. I have a good budget to play with so thats not too much of a worry.

    The speakers have to be decent quality, but compact, i dont want a subwoofer or anything like that because I'm off to uni and dont think the neighbours would agree with them lol (+ there wont be space for one)

    At the moment ive only managed to find this:…KER

    any other ideas?

    p.s. also have a problem because the speakers above have a red and white output and not headphone jack size, so i need some cheap converter too!


    You would probably get more informed advice at avforums.

    I read this as you wanted a make up compact with built in speakers....

    possibly I should just go straight to bed... lol x
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