Looking for DDR RAM (not DDR2)

    Bought some bought misadvertently bought DDR2, not knowing my motherboard was DDR.

    So on the lookout for some 1GB sticks of DDR RAM, decent quality at a decent price. Looking at around £10 - £15 mark.


    Unfortunately DDR RAM is expensive now even though it's the older type, basically not many people are making it now so they can charge what they want. I think you should be able to get some for about £20-25 per 1GB stick, but hopefully someone will know where you can find a better bargain.

    BTW, what speed are you looking for and is it for a desktop?

    PC3200 £24.99 at Play…tml

    PC2700 same price…tml

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    It is for a desktop, yes.

    Looks like i'll be holding on then for a new PC, only running an Athlon 2100 XP at the moment managed to grab another 512MB stick from another machine to make a total of 1.5GB

    At that price it will have to stay that way, until i replace the motherboard and processor

    Thanks for your help anyway. Rep added…890 Mobo £47.99…226 a cheap but nice Dual Core £38.12…261 latest Quad core CPU £119.10

    Total £86.11 for a nice dual core and with a Mobo that is future-proof as it takes Quadcores, and will use your DDR2

    Total £167.10 for quadcore you can use them your DDR2

    If you have not got a PCI-Express GPU card a cheap one is…226
    £22.99 this is HDCP which means you can plug it in to a TV (LCD or Plasma) and watch bluray or hd-dvd (if you get them)

    Hope that helps

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    Hi, thanks for your help, but i'm waiting till later this year for the Nehalem processors, which use the different socket, and possibly the 9800GT, which will lower the price of the 775 socket chipsets and the 8800GT before i do a new rebuild:thumbsup:

    Thanks anyway, and rep added for you too for taking time out to put that together
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