Looking for deal on HTC Hero

    Well, after weeks of jumping back and forth between the HTC hero, Nokia N97 and HTC Touch Pro 2 I have finally decided to go for the Hero.

    N97 looked nice but the software is just so dated and awful. Touch Pro 2 was to big n chunky, which is a shame because the keyboard was nice.

    I went instore to orange to try and arrange an upgrade but they wanted £97.50 for the phone and the tarriff was £35 for 600 txts unlimited txts, plus a further £5 for 500mb of web usage, and that was on a 24 month contract. no way i'm doing that. Phoning customer services only resulted in a saving of £2 a month.

    Can anyone recommend a good deal on this handset, ideally on a 12 month contract, or maybe 18 months? I only need about 200 xnet minutes, unlimited txts (1,000+) and 500mb web usage.

    dont mind paying something towards the handset.

    i have seen these offers and would appreciate anyones thoughts on the deals:

    Dial-A-Phone (on orange) 18 months
    £100.00 5 months half price - £15 + £5 internet
    £455.00 13 months full price - £30 + £5 internet
    £0.00 phone cost
    -£50.00 quidco cashback

    mobilephonesdirect ( on Vodafone) 12 months
    £469.80 contract 12 x £39.15 (300 minutes, ultd txts, ultd net - Vodafone you plan £35+)
    £55.99 phone cost

    mobilephonesdirect (on T-mobile)
    £616.68 contract 18 * £34.26 (700mins, unltd txt unltd net - combi web n walk 30)
    -£50.00 instant cashback



    Personally the vodafone one looks best, and nice choice of handset the hero looks absolutely amazing i must say

    If you still like the hero in a years time, you could easily get a sim only deal for a fraction of the price with similar mins/txts + net. Therefore making ti the cheaper option in the long run.

    What about:


    12 month contract @ £40 per month, first 4 months half price (by redemption)
    £50 Quidco
    Internet is only a trial period of 2 months, but I'm guessing this can be an additional extra?

    Price = 8 x £40 (£320) + 4 x £20 (£80) - £50 = £350 (assuming you redeem as required).
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