Looking for deals on laser eye surgery please folks

    I currently mainly wear daily contact lenses which are in both eye -2.50, the air con at my work drys my eyes out badly and i then can struggle to focus on my work, been thinking of getting laser done for a while but cant ever find out what cost would likely be for my prescription.

    Anyone aware of any deals? I would hope not to pay more than £1,250 for both eyes all in but really have no clue what it costs!

    Would really appreciate any assistance you can offer.

    Kind Regards



    check optical express
    i got mine for 400pound per eye a couple years ago

    you can go for a free test to see if you're eligible and they'll quote you a price (at least if it hasn't changed)

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    cheers, what was your prescription?


    i spoke to my optiian about this a few weeks ago have similar prescription to yours - his advice was to go to 2 or 3 clinics for a consultation see which one you feel most comfortable with & that you don't need the add ons that some of them try to sell you i.e. different anasethetic etc.. - opticians are not allowed to recommend a particular clinic but it may be worth speaking to your optician for general advice before commiting to anything


    i had -1.5 in each.
    They were originally charging 700 per eye, then i said i couldn't afford it right now, blah blah, and they said they'd offer me 400 per eye, (weird right?).

    I'd follow what the person above said as well if it were me =]

    good to know ...

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    Thanks for the replies folks. I think there is a place near my work may take a look by and see if any signs up for any deals.

    Is there any vouchers or anything like that about?

    if you sign up to some newsletters they have special offers sometimes apparently =]

    optimax sometimes have special pricesif you are recommended by a friend, i got mine for about 1000 (six years ago now though) cos my brother got his done there.

    I would suggest optimax glasgow as worth considering if you decide to go ahead and i would further suggest that you say a friend recommended you to see if you can get a decent price but i think you would struggle to get below 395/eye.


    If you shop at Tesco according to their website you can use clubcard vouchers towards Optimax Laser Eye Treatment. Sorry I don't know anything about the actual treatment but HTHs.…983

    If you find a clinic with old, worn out equipment that employs poorly trained staff you may find it works out cheaper.

    Are optical express any good for this?

    I keep getting bombarded with their "special" offers (seem to be as bad as DFS - they're always ending soon, never to be repeated, once in a lifetime... only to be repeated the following week.


    If you find a clinic with old, worn out equipment that employs poorly … If you find a clinic with old, worn out equipment that employs poorly trained staff you may find it works out cheaper.

    Oh I don't know, dog food is pretty expensive.

    I guy I worked with had the free consolation, was quoted £3500. He said thanks but no thanks, 2-3 months down the line the call him back offering him surgery for half that price so he took it.

    On his advice I had mine done. I was quoted about £2500, I mentioned to them that they reduced my friends by half and could they match it. They said no.

    I questioned about how, when the cheapest surgery for light prescription is £400 per eye, but the consolation, post surgery check up, eye drops staff cost etc would be identical, and if they can make a profit at £400 how can they charge me £1250 per eye when the cost to the business is no greater.

    The lady I spoke with put up a really crap argument and spoke with one her supervisor. I got another load of crap about how they can't do this but could discount this blah blah blah. Anyhow, after some negotiation I got it down to £1350. This was on the condition that I had it 2 days later in a different clinic to fill in a vacant spot. for the sake of £1200 I wasn't going to argue.

    That said, after the surgery I was chatting with a guy in the post surgery room afterwards who had the consolation at the same clinic on the same day as me, but was charged an extra £200 for a 'priority' appointment. I didn't want to upset the guy but telling him that his £200 was probably spent offsetting my discount.

    Long story short, don't take their first offer, there is a lot of room for negotiation, more than they claim to be.
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