looking for decent camera

    looking for a 10mp camera, with a good optical zoom

    anyone know any decent prices?


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    very good specs and price, but its HUGE!!!!! rep added


    very good specs and price, but its HUGE!!!!! rep added

    Who said size doesn't matter :oops:

    Have you looked at the Panasonic Lumix cameras? In particular the TZ3, TZ4 or TZ5. They are chunkier than your normal compact camera, but smaller than the one mbgringo mentioned. You get a 10x optical zoom on them and they are nice cameras as I've had the chance to play about with a couple of them. You could check out reviews on places like Trusted Reviews or Steve's Digicams for in-depth analysis too.

    Also, I wouldn't get too hung up on 10MP as it's what the camera does after taking the data from the sensor that matters. Sometimes cameras with 10MP sensors actually compress the data from it so much that you can end up with less detail than a 5 or 6MP camera that does less (or better) compression.

    As long as you consider 3x good enough.. :oops:
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