Looking for decent digital camera for under £50 for 10 year old. Please help!

    Hi everyone, this is my first ever post so be gentle. I am looking for a decent digital camera suitable for a 10 year old. I am willing to go up to £50 but the cheaper the better!
    Can anyone point me in the right direction please? :thumbsup:


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    Also if the camera is pink, purple or red that's even better.

    [url][/url] > store locator, call them tomorrow see if they still have Canon A530 5mp/3x for £50

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    Thanks schizoboy will try them tomorrow.

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    Asda are going to get some one in that department to call me back.
    Does anyone else have any suggestions? Am willing to go to £50 but would be better under £40 if possible. I have noticed that you can get Praktica models in this price range, are they any good?
    As it is a camera for a 10 year old girl it would be good if it was coloured red, pink, purple or silver. I need it to take a decent picture, be easy to use and have a good battery life.
    I am also interested in getting a kit to go with it, camera case, tripod? tec, any ideas?
    Many thanks to everyone for their help

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    Many thanks to everyone, have added to reps of all who gave advise


    Im guessing you dont want nothing top of the range and guessing you want somthing if he/she drops it / breaks it wont matter much:

    I would look @ This:…508

    and also places like Superdrug have Vivtar camrea for about £39.99 - £49.99

    Also try Tesco Extra

    Good Luck!

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    Hello qazim,

    Thank you so much for the advise. The ebuyer camera looks good. You know what kids are like, I'm not expecting it to last forever so I don't want to spend much. I have added to you rep too qazim, thanks again.

    try the vivitar one in superdrug, 39.99 for a 5mp

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    Thanks dpwp, ive added to your rep.
    Does anyone have a Practika 5200? any good? they are in my kinda price range, which is below 40 squid lol!

    I bought the vivitar one last year - one for mum and one for my 9 yr old. Mums gave up the ghost fairly quickly and i managed to take both back for a refund. Have replaced them with Kodak Easy share c330 from the kodak online shop. about £25 if i remember rightly. My fuji died last month after I dropped it and at the moment im borrowing my sons - Very pleased with all of it and pretty surprised its as good as it is. He loves using it, so does mum - just remember to look for OPTICAL zoom over digital anyday!!
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