Looking for decent Surround Sound system..

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Found 14th May 2009
I'm currently looking for a decent surround sound system and amp that's capable of decoding DTS so I can hook it up to my WDTV media player, as well as my PS3.

I have the Samsung HT-TZ215R in mind but can't seem to find it the right side of £100 anywhere, anyone got any tips or other similar setups that I might be interested in?

Thanks in advance for any responses..


Hi Nick

I too was looking to upgrade my 5.1 system & went for the 315 version of that Samsung system.
The 315 is 1000 watts = £199.
The 215 that you've looked at is 800 watts and the cheapest I saw ( 2months ago) was £189 !
If you go for this model, I hope you have it in a glass cabinet otherwise, like mine, in an open stand, IT HAS A VERY NOISY FAN !!
So noisy that you have to turn the volume up - but that just adds to the programme you're watching.
Hope this Helps


hi matey, i have the system your looking for, which i got for £130 off ebay. this is probably the cheapest youll manage to get it for as i spent weeks looking for a cheaper one before buying.
if you find one for less than £100 let me know dude as I'd happily buy another one for downstairs at that price!

They are great sytems, well worth the money, even for the £179.99 they go for at comet:


Cheapest I can find now on ebay is only a fiver less than the Comet one, so is probably still above your budget.

I'll have a look around and see if i can find anything else, as they are well worth the money.


Found this one at cramptonandmoore.co.uk
Is £149.01 which is a great price. Well it would be if the robbing bar stewards didnt add on a minimum £13.47 delivery charge, taking it up to £161.90.
Still a good price, but could have been a bargain if it wast for the delivery costs. Heres the link anyway:


Original Poster

Cheers for the replies guys. Will hold out until I find somewhere selling it for £100 or less.. or until I can find some vouchers on littlewoods to take it below £100 ;). Thanks again!
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