Looking for digital camcoder

    Looking for digital camcoder to buy online with hotdeal, any help will greatly appreciate. thanks


    miniDV or HDD one ?

    Whats ur budget ?

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    miniDV or HDD one ?Whats ur budget ?

    HDD or DVD budget around £180 to £250

    Thanks in advance.

    this…id= hitachi dvd camcorder is currently £169.89 delivered.

    You can save an additional 5% off this using the code NHS2222, but only if you or a family member work for the NHS. *winks* This would take the price down to £161.40

    Don't forget 3.5% quidco to save an additional £5.94 (final price £155.46 delivered).

    Use the rest of the budget to buy discs and a case. Just not from Currys.
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