Looking for DVD Recorder with some unusual features

    Some time ago I had JVC VCR, which had an IR transmitter. That transmitter (it looked like a LED on long cable and plugged to special socket on back of VCR) allowed VCR to switch channels on Sky/NTL receivers, so that VCR could record any channels I set in timer settings. Just like modern PVRs, really.

    Now, a friend of mine is looking for DVD recorder to record off his satbox (not Sky, just normal el cheapo FTA 'box). And he thinks that it would be extremely useful if DVD recorder could control the satbox by using IR transmitter or SCART control.

    If there such thing exists? And if yes, then what make/model is it?


    I think that Archos do something like that on their older docking stations.
    e.g the AV400…B2E
    I'm not sure if they still have that functionality on the newer models & docking stations.

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    Thanks for that. Archos is not good for him as he wants DVD playback too.

    According to the bottom of this thread on avforums:…tml

    they did exist a few years back, so maybe try trawling the manufacturers websites to see if the function has been carried on. They make a good point on the Autoview function though, so it should be possible.

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    I found some - Samsung DVD-R145, for example (they call it Cable Box Control) but UK version of it comes without IR Blaster plug? Crazy....

    Another option is G-Link (our Guide Plus) from Pioneer, but it only exists on higher end models.
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