looking for easter holiday suggestions

as sad as this sounds, I'm 24 and have never been on a holiday, I've never left the UK in fact! I've resolved to change that this year and go somewhere during my easter break from uni, but there's so many choices. To say I'm feeling a little overwhelmed is an under-statement. I'm looking for some advice on where to go as well as a finding a good deal.

I'm free to travel between 14th and 24th april. I'll be going with a friend, our budget is £300 each, maybe £350. We'd like to go somewhere sunny, close to a beach and with good night-life but we're not looking for a clubbing-only holiday. I quite like the sound of Bodrum in Turkey but havn't been able to find any flights leaving before may.

does anyone have any suggestions?



Hope you have a wonderful time abroad, but a couple of points

A) Where do you want to fligh from and how long do you want to travel for? This can make a difference in where you go, (just a side note, rember that the Airports are also notoroiusly bad at Easter for union members going on strike, so if you can go a few days ealier all the better. )

What sort of accomodation do you want (ie, if you have special diet needs, it may be as well to go self catering - although with only two of you, this can work out more expensive.., if you just want to relax, half board. - if you drink, all inclusive) This can cut down a lot of the choices.

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Hi ekktok. Some good points there, I hadn't considered that. We live in Manchester, so preferably we'd like to fly from any North West airport. We'd like to travel for anywhere up to 7 nights as long as we're back by the 24th. Is our budget realistic for that length of stay?

No special requirements regarding accomodation. All inclusive would be nice as we drink but we're really not fussy.

thanks for reading

Manchester - Bodrum
A1 Travel
£287 - flight only

1st week in May seems a good time to go. prices beloe £200 for a flight

Be wary of holidays during school holiday times. The prices are much higher, unfortunately not everyone has the option of when they can choose their Holidays. Its a big issue & costs families hundreds of pounds more to go during School Holidays.

Hi erm_ok

As leeutalkin2me says, holidays which coincide with school holidays are much more expensive.

There is not a lot of choice in your price range, but there are a few half board options. (at the higher end of your price range).

THis doesnot mean that it will be the same in a few weeks time, as late deals may or may not come up...

If you really want to go at Easter, and don't have too much of a preference, I would leave it until about 6 weeks before then and start looking at late deals.
Alternatively, as uni finishes earlier than schools for summer, have you thought about the first week of July? No quite as cheap as May, but a lot more things in your price range.

You double posted Ekktok, be careful

You double posted Ekktok, be careful Smile

Offtopic -> I think this is happening more recently lately as I've seen it on a few posts. I think if the site is slow and you hit Submit but nothing happens so you hit it again, and then voila double post. That's my guess anyway.

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thanks both for your suggestions so far. Point taken re: school holidays. We've now decided to go at the tail end of the easter break and have spotted some nice deals in our price range, this one is one my favourites :


it's £379 pp including fuel charge and airport pickups. Still searching for other deals but we'll be booking in the next couple of days

I just checked that one out. It says that accomm is unavaiable

Flight is available for £174.


Found this deal for you

Alanya - 7 Nights - All Inclusive £229
per person

Price correct as of Monday, 06 February 2006 09:01

Accommodation: Orient Palace 5*
Destination: (AYT) - Turkey (Antalya)
Resort name: Alanya
Board type: All Inclusive

Flights Information
Departing From: (MAN) - Manchester
Departure Date: Friday, 07 April 2006
Departure Time: 22:00 (UK Departure)
Duration: 7 nights

It is through OPODO

Number to call
To book by phone, call 0870 013 0532

Holiday summary Booking Ref: OPO-P1617G

Hope this is of some help

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thank you ekktok! that's a great deal and I've just booked it. Cost £316 each including fuel charges and transfers.


Glad you mananged to get something in your price range, wish I could get the time off, as it looked good - let me know how it was. Turkey is meant to be a great place for sun and sea.

It always amazes me how much extra the fuel and transfers costs add up on the price though.
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