Looking for Eric... showing tonight at 9pm on Film4

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Found 21st Dec 2010
Eric the postman is slipping through his own fingers...

His chaotic family, his wild stepsons, and the cement mixer in the front garden don't help, but it is Eric's own secret that drives him to the brink. Can he face Lily, the woman he once loved? Despite outrageous efforts and misplaced goodwill from his football fan mates, Eric continues to sink.

In desperate times it takes a spliff and a special friend to challenge Eric to journey into the most perilous territory of all - the past.

As a certain frenchman says, "He who is afraid to throw the dice, will never throw a six."

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Well I can't find it cheaper!

Good film ,but am I losing it or is this not a deal ?

Really wanted to like this movie, slow isn't the word.........

i hear Eastenders is free on bbc as well.

i'd rather pay than watch something with adverts.

inside rumor is that family guy is free on BBC3 btw


Moved from Deals to Misc


i hear Eastenders is free on bbc as well.

Well that definitely isn't a deal, it seriously increases your chances of having suicidal tendencies... = LIFE FAIL = Terrible deal


i hear Eastenders is free on bbc as well.

Paid for by license fee.

We'll drink, a drink, a drink, to Eric the King, the King, the King,

He's the leader of our football team!
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