Looking for feedback on Virgin Media V6 TV Box

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Looking for feedback on the V6 as doing research for a family member.

Is the interface easy to use and responsive?
How is the remote control?
It states that not all content can be streamed from the V6 to a Tablet/Phone so any idea what channels or types of content are excluded?
They won't have any of the Sky channels but possibly will have BT Sport so be handy to stream that.
Can you only stream to iOS and Android as would be good to stream to Windows?
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I had my V6 box installed yesterday replacing my old TiVo box which I had moved to the bedroom, after 24hrs I'm really impressed with it, it's a huge improvement on the old TiVo box.
Everything is so much quicker, from starting up to browsing the menu screens, no more pressing buttons and then waiting an age for the box to respond. The osd is much improved as well with clear and simple programming.
As for the remote, it is much smaller than the oringinal and also bluetooth so you dont need line of sight for it to work, just point in any direction.
The remote is also the main negative point in my opinion, I hated the old remote as you couldn't feel if you had it upside down or not which made it a pain to use in a dark room, the new remote is no different (same design & layout but smaller).
Other features I love with the V6 box are, you can browse and watch programs from other boxes (my original TiVo box in my case) I also find it so much quicker and faster to delete recorded programs stored on my other box, no more pressing 'my shows' and waiting ages for chosen shows to delete. You can even pause what your watching on one box and continue watching it on the other.
I tried the watch anywhere app earlier and was impressed by the amount of features included, from using phone to control either box, set recordings etc and continuing to watch shows on my phone. I did find watching recorded programs on my phone was a bit disappointing as the shows I tried redirected you to other catch up sites, for example if I tried to watch something I had recorded on BBC 1 then the app redirected you to the BBC iPlayer rather than playing straight from the TiVo box.
Over all though, it is great, also the physical size of the box is much smaller and it seems to give a better picture than the original box.
Watching 4k or uhd films on YouTube is stunning.
Thanks a lot.
I wonder what stuff you can actually stream then!
They seem very vague on this.
barriey18th Oct

Other features I love with the V6 box are, you can browse and watch …Other features I love with the V6 box are, you can browse and watch programs from other boxes (my original TiVo box in my case).

Question: Does this require both boxes being connected up to your home network? So, both connected via ethernet to your router?

I can't remember if you're able to transfer your series link recordings over too. If so, was this process easy?
Mine are connected to my network via Ethernet but I was told by the engineer that this was not necessary but it improves the speed.
I have not tried to transfer series links over and don't think you can.
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