Looking for flights to Shanghai from Edinburgh leaving between 3rd-12th April

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Found 23rd Mar 2009
I am going to be heading to Shanghai with my daughters aged 3 and 4 to visit my husband, with a view to us getting back together and relocating there. Therefore would be looking for tickets which can be changed for return date....

Ideally with their most likely being a changeover would like opportunity to have a stay at a hotel for night to recharge mine and kids batteries before the next flight, or so that the longest leg of journey is an overnight flight. Prefer same airline so bags go right through to destination as with two little ones its a nightmare having bags to handle too! Husband says he recommends China Southern Airlines, KLM, but not keen on Virgin....anyone got any recommendations or recommend a site for finding flights? Any airlines more generous with baggage allowance, or do any give kids a baggage allowance seeing as their flights are sometimes not much cheaper than mine? Is there a limit on how much extra baggage you can take if you are willing to pay?! Can kids take hand luggage on flights?

Also, anyone recommend any luggage for travelling?!Any advice etc greatly appreciated, never done this long a journey on my own with the girls!

The reason for the dates is that my husband is signing his lease on new apartment on 11th and will be in shanghai then as he works all over the area....

Tks all!


No advise for flights im affraid, but just hang on to your hubby over there! I wish you all the luck, but just beware of the snake's in the grass over there! ( the women)!Really do wish you the best of luck, but be on you'r guard! Nearly lost my hubby to one while he was working over there

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He's already done that before, hence why we split (didnt live with anyone else but still a relationship while I was in UK and his job in Asia lasted several months), but he has been working there and South America, Dubai etc and says he knows what he wants and thats his family back. He wants a partner he can talk to and be friends with too, and share interests and regrets how stupid he was, and values the chance to make things right. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt as he is putting money where his mouth is and going out of his way to find and apartment or house that have facilities for me and him, not just a big batchelor pad. I can but try and at worst I get a holiday and see a bit more of the world and the kids get a better bond with their dad...he has already said if its not for me and the girls then he will pay for us to return and give us money to help us get settled back in uk again. And he paid to take me and kids to London then USA for few weeks last month and we got on fine and with the kids a bit older now managed to do a lot more and have time to talk and I had a taste of managing on my own in USA when he had to go away to New Orleans and Brazil to work and then offered to change my return flights so I could go with him straight to Asia but was fine when I said I would prefer to return to uk as had only gone away to London for a few days so had stuff to sort out at home and family to see and discuss things with. My mum is the biggest problem but she had some bad relationships and doesnt respect men much anyway, whereas my sister and brother say i will never know till i try and that I will always wonder what if, if i dont...they just say I have to make sure I have space for visitors and make sure I have ADSL! It could be talk but if it was, why is he spending thousands trying to persuade me otherwise?

For flights, try [url]www.scycanner.net[/url]
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