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Found 10th Mar 2006
I have PowerDVD6 on my system, but there is a problem with the audio.

Wonder if you guys know of any free dvd video software players?

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A really good one is VLC media player (a.k.a. Video LAN) available >>HERE<<. It's totally free and it plays ANYTHING, be it streaming online, DVD or a clip you've downloaded.

It'll even make a good attempt at reading discs with *minor* damage and also incomplete files.

alternatly you can view DVD's in windows media player

if you download the correct pugin (if you want it i can send it to you)

its a tad naff watching it in media player compared to powerDVD
I recommend VLC also, it works really well with divx/xvid etc. and on Windows/Linux/OSX

I don't really use it with DVDs but I'm sure it works fine with them too. I think I read somewhere that you can get around some region locking with VLC too.
It's good for playing DVDs too, I've used it for that many times with no problem.

It's really quick too because it doesn't have lots of graphics like Windows Media player of Power DVD. You can change the look, but it's got a very plain interface which allows the software to work much faster.

again nicked from another site, haven't used it myself though:


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Watch movie DVDs and video files right on your computer with FREE AVS DVD … Watch movie DVDs and video files right on your computer with FREE AVS DVD Player. AVS DVD Player is a compact and easy-to-use program that has a simple user-friendly interface allowing you to start watching DVD movies with no additional software. One more pleasant thing about it - it is absolutely FREE!

AVS DVD Player Features: ABSOLUTELY FREE It is absolutely free DVD player … AVS DVD Player Features: ABSOLUTELY FREE It is absolutely free DVD player software. No trial periods, no feature limitations, no watermarks. No spyware or adware; UNIVERSAL DVD AND VIDEO PLAYER Support for a very wide variety of video formats: apart from regular DVD (PAL, NTSC, VCD, SVCD) formats, also supported are: the entire range of MPEG4 (including DivX, XviD, etc.), MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI, Real Media video, Quick Time files, WMV files (including WMV-HD), H.263, H.264, mobile video formats (3GP, 3GP2, MP4). This strong compatibility makes AVS DVD Player a universal player; STEREO TO SURROUND TRANSFORMATION With the inbuilt Surround Effect, a unique development of our software engineers, regular stereo movies can be watched with enhanced audio quality and imitated Multichannel surround sound (3.1, 5.1, 7.1 speaker configurations are supported); EASY NAVIGATION BETWEEN SCENES Easy and fast navigation, using sets of bookmarks, interactive chapter interface, ability to manage bookmarks and adjust access settings; MULTILINGUAL SUPPORT Ability to select between several audio tracks and subtitle files, support for multiple languages; COMPLETE SET OF ESSENTIAL FEATURES Traditionally available set for comfortable viewing - selection of the view angle (if available on a particular DVD), support for various video sources (HDD, portable media, LAN), automatically adjusted Aspect Ratio, one-click switch to full-screen mode, menu options available at a single mouse click, etc. Usually you need to have a software DVD player to be able toi watch DVDs and after accidentally finding this site. I reckon this is worthy of a mention. I also tried out the conversion tool which is so comprehensive, quick and creates small but smooth files. Only problem seems to be a 'watermark' on the middle of the picture (they want you to buy/ register the product) which might be wirthwhile considering how easy it is to use and the results it produced. Anyway the DVD player software is completely free - so if you don't have PowerDVD yet then this Free player is amazing.

Thanx guys!!

Will have a look at them all!
'K' on it's way as soon as time limit is gone....
i also give a thumbs up to vlc - it plays everything i throw at it and is miles better than win media player
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