Looking for freeview box that's white or silver

    willing to pay about £40 for one without a hdd, Unless there's a hdd one for about £60
    Preferabbly a known brand too.
    Anyway post offers away :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :pirate: :roll: :thumbsup:

    I'll also look at black ones too, just post them up and I'll see


    the sagem ones are grey...does that count? heh i may be selling mine tho id have to ask my partner. ill have a look for some good deals too

    This one looks nice £19.99 + p&p


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    That philips one is pretty nice for the price, even though its refurbished.
    I'll wait to see what else there is I'm after more metallic silver though, not gray. Feel free to post black ones too :P

    My sister had this exact Philips freeview freeze on her and the ditzy cow lost the receipt so couldn;t geta refund, just so you know, not the best of hardware.

    probably why its cheap then, ill keep looking

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    probably why its cheap then, ill keep looking

    Any finds?

    Well I had a Philips one and had to take it back for a refund with freezing problems.

    I now have a silver "onn" model from Asda and it works fine..cost £30..only downside it that is has bright blue lights when it is on standby.
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