Looking for Garlic Bagel Chips/Crisps Snacks (or Similar)

Found 16th Aug 2010
Used to eat something similar a few years back. Think they were actually classed as garlic bread, not bagels.
Anyone know of any supermarkets etc that sell them ? Ive added a photo in 1st post.
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Like these or similar

think they may be the big ones actually
Thanks for that...I saw them whilst googling, but a bit steep for me.
try your local supermarkets & look for garlic croutons. Would imagine they are very similar and will only cost a quid or so

They do them in Sainsburys. Bought a pack last week! Not the same as the pic above though
i think i ahev deffo seen em in sainsbury's (possibly asda too)
deffo sell them in waitrose
saw them in asda yesterday, with the croutons and those fried onion bits I love that are super bad for me! can't remember how much they were
lidl/aldi do them called bagel chips

lidl/aldi do them called bagel chips

Nice one, didn't think of there. Top of my street...turn left - Lidl, turn right - Aldi.
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