Looking For Good Deal To Park My O2 Number For A Year Or So

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Found 22nd Mar 2011
I am currently paying O2 £45 a month for an iPhone and I am coming to the end of my contract period. I don't use the phone my calls due to my work mobile and I am looking for a good deal to park the number for a while until I work out what to do. I will forward my personal number to my work phone so I will need a few minutes for that (100 will do) plus I would like some data so I can use for phone for email, maps etc. Don't need too much data as I have an iPad with a mifi. Looks like maybe a rolling SIM only deal would be best, I saw the Vodafone one today but any other pointers would be appreciated.

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Giffgaff, no contract, 8p calls, 4p texts, free calls to other giffgaffers and unlimited mobile internet. Uses the o2 network and can port your number in 5 days.

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Is it ok to port from O2 to O2?

Shudn't be a problem at all!

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It says on the website, unlimited free Internet access until April, what will I pay after that?

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Ok answered my question, I need to buy a £10 goody bag and I will get unlimited internet. So basically to get what I want it's a tenner a month.

cripes a tenner a month......

I have only paid a tenner over 2 years, still got loads of credit too.

Family mobile from IKEA, make 1 text every 3 months to keep active (4p). Benefit over the rest is that should you forget and have your number made inactive you can reactivate and retain your credit, most others will take your credit away.

PS in case it matters they use Tmobile
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Think best deal for me is the £15 Vodafone deal with the £115 cashback which works out at £65 for 12 months and has enough minutes and data to keep me happy.

If you just want to park your number, get a free O2 Sim Pay as you go and transfer your number

Or Simplicity @ £5 a month
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