Looking for good quality basic set of home tools

Posted 5th Dec 2019
I am looking to enhance my DIY experience with proper tools. I have seen some electric drills which you can attach different screwdriver/drill heads. I have no clue which brands/deals may be recommended.

Any suggestions from other home users?
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If just using in the home and sparingly (not core drilling etc) Lidl’s parkside tools are good value and there returns are fuss free.

However, they will not and never will match any pro tools brands (Dewalt Milwaukee Metabo Hilti) But these are expensive and for good reason they are excellent. But to keep in shed and use twice a year the Parkside stuff is good bang for buck.

The next step up is Roybi and Bosch green but there the difference between them and Parkside is negligible and save the cash for when you mess something up and have to do repairs 😹
Thank you for your help!

Do you have any suggestions for the Bosch and Roybi tools?
TBh - not really. But, look for good deal on cordless combi drill set with battery(s). All manufacturers offer good deals on these entry sets to get you into their ‘ecosystem’ ie buying their tools and compatible battery/chargers. So don’t look for the cheapest straight away look how much any additional future purchases may cost down the line.

I started with a Bosch pro combi dropped it off a ladder and sent it back and got fixed for free.

Screwfix are no nonsense returns and will price match a local store in stock. However, for home use you probably won’t need to use the returns as not stressing the unit.

A quick look at screwfix and dewalt are offering a good combi set now
I use ryobi one + but recommend having a look around Amazon warehouse deals as you can get some good deals there. Also dont be frightened to nosey about Amazon.it and other European warehouses I just got a ryobi one + belt sander which retails at about £80 here for 50 euros, complained about the state of the packaging and they gave me my money back and told me to keep the unit
What ever you do, buy into a battery ecosystem That way you can buy a couple of batteries and charger to use across various tool bodies. The initial outlay could be more but long term the body only tools are cheaper. Plus, having less batteries mean you are likely to have the right one charged for when you need it.
postawam05/12/2019 16:34

Thank you for your help!Do you have any suggestions for the Bosch and …Thank you for your help!Do you have any suggestions for the Bosch and Roybi tools?

Bosch on the robert dyas deal is excellent (key words for you right there).
Then get a generic (they all are) 500 / 600 watt corded drill for the rest of the diy needed to partner a battery drill ..look for deals.

Plus a set of "across the board" drill bits 1 set encompassing wood, metal stone. plastics.
Cheers all, got the Bosch one and a set of drill and screwdriver accessories.
you still ought & NEED a corded mains power drill! ..the two compliment each other in most jobs
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