Looking for good rechargeable AAA batteries

    As with everyone else's Christmas presents my kids are going through AAA batteries at quite a rate.

    Can anyone recommend a decent brand and deal on AAA rechargeable batteries please.




    Home bargains do 2 with a charger for near on £4. I think they do 4 for about £2. Hope this helps


    we bought a good battery charger from pcworld of 29 quid, great little thing

    spare batteries are about 7 - 8 for 4 off on ebay and a few sites use google shopping

    or batteryplanet on amazon market place has they for 4.99 for 4



    we bought a good battery charger from pcworld of 29 quid, great little … we bought a good battery charger from pcworld of 29 quid, great little thing

    £29.... they do them in home bargains for less than a quater of that lol


    40 batteries aaa 20


    40 batteries aaa 20

    .uk on the end for anyone trying to get the page using the link.

    We use so many batteries, and get all rechargeable ones from Maplins (…m12) as they always have BOGOF offers instore, never used them online before though.

    I just got a mains plug in battery charger just before xmas from Wilkinsons for £5.99 came with 4 AA batteries .Then I bought 4 AAA batteries from Maplins a few days ago for £7.99 and it was a 2 for 1 offer , so I got 8 AAA batteries [Ni-MH 1000mah] for £7.99.

    Wilkinsons stores usually stock rechargable batteries with charger for around £10, mine came with 4AA + 4AAA batteries so thought this was quite a good deal.

    With rechargables always choose a good brand otherwise you're actually wasting money in the long term therefore defeating the object of buying them in the first place, to save money, always buy the best you can afford, with rechargables you get what you pay for, cheap is false ecomomy.

    Google 'Ansmann'

    or try here, I know their RC (Radio Controlled) Batteries have good reputation for the price....…tml

    Original Poster

    Thanks all, I'll take a look at Maplins and Wilkos for some cheapies.

    I'd also like a "quality" set as well so will look for the recommended ansmann.


    Probably among the best batteries u can get ar the Hahnel Synergy Pre Charged Rechargeable batteries

    You get what u pay for and these come ready to use and they keep their charge when not in use unlike cheap rechargeables

    We've had Uniross, Lidl's brand and various other makes but they all fail to work when u reach for them. They always need re-charging b4 u can use them - how frustrating!

    Never been disappointed with the Hahnels'

    Amazon sell them - the price goes up and down (as Amazon prices do) - I bought 4 x 2100mAh AA size at £6.26 a pack - they're £8.93 at the moment and the AAA's are £10.70 for 4

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