Looking for good value laptop for around £300

    As above just for general internet use and typing. No notepads please there to small, ideally with decent battery life



    £300 is about the absolute low end price for a new laptop.

    This is a reasonable basic laptop for £329. It is a Dell.…3d1
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    that's actually quite a good deal, might go for that myself.

    Have a look at Argos's ebay outlet. They have seome decently priced laptops. Mostly refurbs but like new. The laptop I am using now I bought from them couple of months back. Excellent price and no probs whatsoever.

    Check out the Vostro range from Dell (normally not for consumers but for small businesses, but you can order as private person as well). Iave a Vostro 1000 which I bought almost 3 years ago and it is still going strong. Only had to replace the battery in the meantime but I guess that is rather normal. Oh, and I paid around £300 back then for it!

    i have a fujitsu siemens v5535, 2gb ram and windows7 have a look at my thread for more info. looking for around £250 ono
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