Looking for good wireless earphones that look like the apple Airpod

Posted 18th Feb
Hi all,

I have a sony WH-1000XM3 which I use when blocking the rest of the world out. I am not a fan of earphone that go into my ear canal so the apple wired earpods are the right shape for my ears and needs. Now I need to go wireless for portability without the hefty price tag

Please can you recommend cheap (and good) earphones looking prety much like the real thing.

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I'd recommend the TWS i10's
thanks, I'll have a look at them .
After a bit of search and confusions about version numbers I got the TWS i9000 from ebay. Considering how many versions of this product that are on sale nothing on the box/contents is labelled i9000 to indicate I have the right product though the listed functions.
First impressions are, excellent workmanship. My intended purpose at home is listen to audio,radio,podcast/audio books at home moving about and its great for the money. I prefer this design over any earphone thta intruded ny ear canal.

My genuine wired apple earpods are louder and have more bass, so I may consider the real airpods. This will keep me occupied untill apple releases a newer version which will could mean decent offers on the current models

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