Looking for graphics card suggestions..

Found 26th May 2010
I repaired a friends computer - as it had become too slow to run.

It was a 256meg 1.7 celeron that now has a gig and 2.6 P4.

It now runs well on most things now with the exception of Flash pages which are not great, and having Youtube open twice screws it playing most videos.

Its low profile - and I shoved in an old ?8 meg? AGP card - but it made little difference.

Could anyone suggest a card I could get for for a couple of quid on Ebay that might help (PCI or AGP - and non low profile is OK as long as the body of the card is low enough for me to cut the back plate)?

Cheers and rep waiting!


I am sure her monitor takes DVI as well as D-Sub, and although out the price range HDMI would be fine too, as her TV has one.

It was running XP, and was pretty clean, but the slow processor and low memory were what killed it rather than bloat.

Its now got Ubuntu on it - to see if she can manage Open Office. If she cannot, its going back to XP and MS office.


like a 6xxx or 7xxx geforce series would suit that pc i think?
(take it you're running xp?)


radeon 9550 are cheap and good enough, had this in my p4, worked fine on flash, but of course it was p3.2, those old style cards push it all to the processor not on the card, so it will probably not help you whatever you put in

might be time to retire it, youtubes have progressively got more intensive as they upped the quality


Its not the graphics card, sort out all the crap software running in the … Its not the graphics card, sort out all the crap software running in the background

Was going to say the same thing sounds like a software problem not a hardware issue.

i would have thought a p4 should be able to handle youtube on lq?

(I remember hearing if set up right they can handle HD vid?)

Original Poster

Sorry - I added more to the original post.

Looking at the processor usage, it was down to the minimum really running. But as soon as Flash appeared it straight lines at max.

The 3.2 P4 would hyperthread which could have made a difference, but there must be some old card that had a reputation for working well with flash or video.

I noticed a couple of LP Matrox G550s for a tenner, and was always a fan of their cards, but its so long since I used one video was not common, and a tenner would probably be better spent directed at a new machine.

Taking a look at the Radion 9550s, the body of the card looks too tall to fit in the machine even with a cut backplate.


as i said with the older cards, flash was pushed onto the cpu, and you cant run a new one (need pci express)
and even a 3.2 was pushed near max on regular flash use (and the fans would soon spin up)

might be time to retire it


What spyware/virus checker did you use

OP said it was a clean install - and linux - i doubt there is too much crap running in the background

are any of the CUDA capable cards available on AGP? as previously posted this will help a little with flash 10, and also enable HD video - with the right codecs

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