Looking for Great Deals on Toshiba Laptop ,price range £350-450

    I m currently looking for toshiba laptop with the price range of £350-450 , as the current credit crunch i really hope that i can the best out of the money i spent

    i hope that some of you might be able to help me get the best deals
    I had my eyes on Toshiba Satellite A300-10M but is retailing at £480 at staples at this link…WW+

    i really hope that some of u might be able to help me get the best deal for this laptop or other model by toshiba...many thanks


    Have a look on the Comet site

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    Not an outstanding deal but ]Bennetts have the A300-1MC at £489. If you sign up to there newsletter you get 10% off which would bring it within your budget

    That laptop at Staples is £415.95 but it's out of stock.

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    thanks but A300-10M is the newer version of A300-1MC and staples is selling it at A300-10M for 480 , cant wait for january sales yet

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    415.95 is excluding vat, including vat will be 481
    so far i only manage to find staples the only store selling it, even ebuyer, amazon n etc dun have this model in stock yet

    Mmmmm, according to the ]Toshiba website, Staples is the only retailer selling this system. That would explain the lack of competition.
    Looks like all they have done is take a A300-1MC, put in a smaller hard drive and an extra 1gb ram then given it a new model number.

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    yup basically A300-1MC and A300-10M is the same model with all nearly same specs
    and the price is the same too
    well i prefer a lil bit more memory thats y i decided to choose the a300-10m except if i can find a great deal for a300-1mc

    John Lewis has the a300-1mc for £467 with a 2 year guarantee. You could always swap out one of the sticks of ram with crucial ram relatively cheaply and have the additional hdd space. 3gb of ram should be plenty anyway. I'm going out to have a look at one myself this afternoon.

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    yea i came across this deal at john lewis..quite a good deal..i m just wondering do u know how the 2 years in john lewis works?
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