Looking for guitar! Help, please!

Found 7th Dec 2005
As you could be aware, Christmas is coming...


Although it is not allowed to be called Christmas in all parts of this country anymore but I am not going to start Richard Littlejohn-style rant about it
Anyway, I need to buy one last present for my brother-in-law and I am completely stuck. He loves music, women and BMWs. Of course, last two are out of question for clear reason (both are too expensive to maintain), so I am left with music.


He is good guitar player (at least that's what I heard) and buying guitar would probably make great gift for him. The only problem is that I haven't got a single clue about guitars. Literally.
So, I've been looking at Argos range (Squier and Yamaha as someone told me that Encore guitars are rubbish). Are those any good? Also are Argos prices worth paying? Or should I take a look at some more specialized shops?
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these were posted on here in september and are still available.
try ebuyer, there were a few posted on this site in october, can't do the direct link but on the home page click on the ebuyer link and scroll down and you will find it.

although i guess you have already seen it.
I would strongly suggest buying from a specialist online music shop rather than Argos. In dept stores you tend to get overpriced poorly/mass produced items. A specialist store should carry value lines that will be better than the supermarket stuff.

To be honest there is also eBay where you can get some great deals on musical equipment if you know exactly what you're looking for.

Take a browse through Gear4music or a similar site and see what they have...
Thanks for that!
I was thinking about those yesterday but I am not really sure about sound quality, tbh. At least I heard about Fender and Yamaha, but never came across KCC or Summco...
Also, I need an acoustic guitar, so no amplifiers, cables, etc.
kind of depends on how much you want to spend. i would reccomend a yamaha. you can get a good second hand one for £120 ish. look at some of the older models. if money is no object then a takamene is the way to go. the washburn range have a great tone. i would agree that a music shop is the way to go. horses for courses and all that
good luck with the hunting
Thanks, toon

What about Yamaha F310 outfit? Argos is selling for 100 quid (argos.co.uk/sta…htm) and that's about right price range. Could stretch for 20 quid or so.
Yeah, can get it even cheaper - 79.99 from here zingsmusic.com/pro…518 or here dv247.com/inv…gle
But that's not the point The question is whether these guitars are any good? Or is it just for beginners and no serious play can be done?
What's your budget exactly? What gear does your brother have already?

All the budget end guitars are obvioulsy built to a price but there are good ones to be had. The quality these days is way higher than in the past!
Budget: 100-120
Gear: None He is frequently borrowing his friend's guitar but then he is complaining about how bad it sounds. And that guitar is donkey's years old Encore.
and he defo wants an acoustic?

where are you based? I may be able to recommend a store.
I am in near Milton Keynes, as to acoustic - good question... Probably semi should be OK. As I said, this is my idea of a gift - he doesn't know about it and I haven't got a single clue about guitars. To me all music instruments are rather nuisance
Regent Guitars (in Leamington Spa maybe a bit too far?) get a lot of recommendations - they also do a good mail order service. Worth a visit. Unlike Argos etc they will have checked the guitar over before sending/selling it!

They have the Yamaha acoustics - can't really go wrong with Yamaha for your budget tbh.

take a look at guitars.co.uk

another highly recommended shop/mail order is Coda Music (Luton and Stevenage)
I'd recommend gak.co.uk
My hubby has bought several guitars off the site, all he's been really chuffed with.
As for makes fender and gibson are good, although saying that I have actually played an encore bought from argos and it was great.
you probs already found your deal but NETTO ov all places had a guitar in from last thursday

looked OK like with 10amp speacker n training material, was deffintly for a beinnger thou
Thanks to everyone! Your help was really invaluable! Unfortunately, my missus changed all my plans - she bought Panasonic MP3 CD radio for his car. Crikey, what world we are living in? While men are trying to buy traditional gifts, women are becoming more and more techy

Again, many thanks and have a Karma!

UPD: I didn't knew there is a limit on how many Karmas I can give?
Ah yeah it'll reset after a while so you can do some more
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