Looking for ideas for family holidays in Italy

    Hi, really fancy going to Italy for the family holiday this summer, we've got three kids and like the general beach and sun type holiday. I'm trying to look for prices but there seem to be so many different areas, I'm not getting anywhere. Anyone know the best area for a family beach holiday in Italy, any other tips also much appreciated. rep added for all help, thanks
    Ps flying from Glasgow/Prestwick/Edinburgh, ta


    my family are flying from glasgow to italy in the summer, not sure where to, i know they are staying at the italian lakes though, 5* hotel etc and since im 18 now i dont get an invite :lol:,

    might go to italy myself in the summer and do a art tour type thing, venice, florence, rome would be awesome, now im rambling lol, south italy should be good for beaches, not sure about the lakes

    holidaying in Italy I went to rimini and hated it.
    Love Rome though.
    Italy is not like holidays in Spain.
    Wife has family in Ferentino I like staying with them as a family thing.
    Food all over is great.

    For beach, Sardinia and Sicily are better and more geared up for families than the mainland, although very hot in the summer.

    Italy, you must be rich, its one of the most expensive places I have ever been to.

    A member called Kizah was talking about this the other day. She has some knowledge on flights/resorts etc. She also took her kids which might be of help to you for extra info.

    Maybe worth seeing if she about in the next day or so.
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