Looking for info on Tunisian Dinar

Found 6th Apr 2010
Hi, as the above title says, im looking for any knowledge anybody has on the Tunisian Dinar.

I've booked a holiday to Tunisia and understand you can't buy Tunisian Dinar outwith Tunisia.

Where is the best place to get my Dinar from? The Airport in Tunisia, A bank or the hotel?

Has anybody got any handy tips or advice?

Thanks in advance.
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We used a bank when we got there - there's loads in the towns and they're all pretty similar rates and easy to use :-) as the staff know exactly what you want ! We also changed some in the hotel when we needed some but couldnt be bothered leaving the hotel ( too much hassle getting dressed lol) but their rate wasnt nearly as good as the bank - you do pay extra for the convenience !

Whereabouts are you going ? You must take a trip to El Jem - we hired a local as a guide for the couple of weeks and he arranged a car and driver for us whenever we wanted to go out - far better to see the real country than on the regular coach trips. Have a great hol :-)
thats mad

i hear in turkey you need an english £10 just to get in to the country?
Btw tip the porters at the airport and hotel with £1 coins - they get a better rate when they exchange them so they're happy to have £'s rather than dinars :-). And you will also be expected to tip everyone who serves you - every time ! It's expected out there as they see us as rich as they are so poor and their wages are extremely low. We tipped £ coins and they were happy with that. Tip your room maid (which may be a fella :-) ) on the first day and you'll get your bed made up with your towels folded into shapes every day - you look after them and they will look after you well. I had flowers spread on my bed on my birthday and loads of lovely things like that :-). We also taught the waiters a few jokes so depending on where you are staying - I apologise :-) !!!!
Hi vraptorchick, many thanks for your help. Going to Port El Kantaoui in July. Cant wait!
Your hotel will do it, the money is very easy to get to grips with. just try not to confuse there 5 dinar coin with our 2 pound coin, I got into an argument with a waiter over what I thought was being shortchanged, got it into my head that he had given me 2 back instead of 5. I apologised and gave him the 5 he was over the moon with that. Tip small and regular as it really is nothing to you but everything to them you will see the same people up at 6-7-8 in the morning and working until 11 -12 at night so they really work long hours.

I wouldnt bother with the airport porters as they really dont take your bags that far to be bothered with unless you have lots of luggage, You have done the hard work by the time you see one and the car park is right outside the doors.

Dont go for a midnight stroll @ the beach as it full of male prostitutes, cool during the day though. The ampitheater in El gem is a nice day out and there is also a 2 day excursion trip to see where they made Starwars.

The experience in the markets or medinas depends on what type of person you are, if you like haggling or banter then go, if not then you may not like it, there is a goverment run shop that sells @ fixed prices and any shop in the main towns are cool to go inot withou any bother. There are bargains to be had but they will start at ridicolous prices and your job is to haggle them down, it can get heated especially if they know you are no pushover but just walk away if you feel uneasy, some traders are nicer than others and it depends on what kind of day they have had.

Whisky was not a readily available thing for them to get so we took over some Jack daniels (cheapest the airport had at the time and we didnt want to lose out if they didnt buy it) we nearly made double what we paid but you can trade goods for it (mostly leather goods and pottery and such), wouldnt take Jack again as everybody brings Jack over, get a nice single malt if you fancy it.

Before you get into a taxi, tell him where you are going and ask him how much or if you get in without asking then check to make sure he puts his meter on.

The drivers dont own the car, so I always asked how much, this gives them the option of leaving the meter of and pocketing the money for themselves if they want. (they dont get good wages you see) If you get in and they dont put the meter on or you dont notice then when you get to your destination they may charge you a silly amount and who are you to argue then. For most things, agree a price first before setting of.

From wherever your hotel is it shouldn't cost more than 6-8 dinar to get anywhere. There is a wee tractor pulling carriage thing (cant remember it's name) fun to try once but cost 5 dinar per person per trip (taxi can take 4 for once price, makes more sense)

Hope I didnt make it sound to bad it really is a nice place, never heard of anyone getting mugged that sort of thing but they do it other ways in markets, taxis etc if you let them.

Tip your Maid first or second day, they will do your room up nice.
I went a couple off years ago. The above poster is spot on. Take whiskey to trade or sell. I sold mine in the hotel for £40 a bottle. Its expensive to drink there, as its heavily taxed.

As for the money. We changed ours at the hotel. They accepted any currency, but from memory english was the best rate. We covered all bases and took us dollar, euro and pounds.

Dont eat the salad! Oh and we went on the two day desert trip. It was a bit off a slog, but got too see lots off places.

Have a good time!
Many thanks for the advice guys. You have been very helpful.

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