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    hi we are looking at getting a jack russell pup towards the end of the year. i have been researching and read to get a puppy that is kc registered. if registered, does this mean the puppy would have full vet check before it was registered? if we got a puppy that wasnt registered, approx how much would it be for full vet check, injections, microchip, and to get her registered?

    currently we have been looking on and epupz. is there anywhere else anyone can recommend?

    as much information of everything would be much appriciated.

    many thanks


    If it's KC registered then it will be a Pedigree & you can trace it's parents/grandparents etc

    If not, more often than not, it is not pedigree & it's parents could have been cross bred with another breed.

    So if you want a pedigree dog, go KC registered, if not, then it doesnt matter.

    You'd "hope" that the puppy had already had a vet check, but some dont. Some puppies dont have thier vaccinations either until they are with thier new owner.

    If the breeder has all documents (puppies medical records), then you can see what they have & have not had up to this point.

    Best always get a check up either way for peace of mind, plus you can register your puppy with the vet of your choice at this point.

    You will need to get 2 needles before the puppy can go outside (got mine done 4 years ago now, I think it's at 8 & then 10 weeks old - you'd need to check this though. Mine never had any when we got her at 12 weeks, so had to get 1 at 12 weeks & 1 at 14 weeks).

    You'd have to enquire about costs, I think its about £45 for the initial check & 2 needles.

    Some places also offer free microchipping, others dont. Think I paid £20 for this - but well worth it !!

    It's very hard getting a puppy, it is like having a new born baby. So think hard about it before buying, but with the correct training & care, the positives greatly outweigh the early negatives.

    ps - get it insured right away.

    If KC registered, you should get 4 weeks free insurance when you transfer the ownership of the puppy. Make sure you get adequate cover after this ends !!

    Puppies are prone to getting into accidents (like kids !!), and can easily hurt themselves. Without insurance, a broken leg will cost in the region of £2000 to put right


    Or you could get a puppy from a rescue centre - it probably wouldn't be KC registered, but most rescue homes ensure that their animals are vaccinated etc when they get them. With so many dogs needing homes, it would be much more rewarding to have a pet who really needs love and care than one from a breeder, especially if you're not thinking of entering it into Crufts or anything.

    you get 6 weeks free insurance withh any puppy regardless of kc reg or not.......

    i'm an accredited breeder so hopefully i can give you some pointers,
    this is the way i do my puppies

    kc reg is details of pedigree, sire and dam, grandparents and so on
    kc reg you get six weeks free ins
    puppy is vet checked three times before sale
    ist vaccinations included
    wormed from two weeks old
    micro chip included
    puppy pack/info pack
    samples of food
    diet sheet and worming sheet

    you are better dealing with kennel club and thats where you should look first for any breeders and then clubs of that breed ,

    also you should purchase a puppy no younger than 8 wks.

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    thankyou all very much. this has made it a lot clearer. :thumbsup:
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