Looking for kitchen appliance recommendations please

Found 15th Sep 2017
Hi there.

I'm looking to update the kitchen via an online provider and source the appliances myself.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on cheaper ( still would like reliability! )places to get their appliances from.
The appliances we would be after would be a wide induction hob and a downdraft extractor with an external motor.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!
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AO always have good deals and reliable deliveries but most places will price match.
Hughes shop on E bay too, pretty good prices and a well established retailer. Bit hit and miss as to what stock they have though - but that's half the fun of the hunt. Nothing quite like finding something you want AND saving loads of money.
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Thanks for the recommendations.
Mrty I like the idea of Hughes surprise hunting!
Some while ago we bought 3 appliances from a company in Bolton via eBay I think they were call Discount Electrics. But the important thing is the items were seconds, by that they had small marks but still in their wrapping so never used. I only found one mark in fact, the fridge frezzor had a dent in the side (not seen when in place) and the handle had a small crack. Still not found what the problem was with the dishwasher or the washing machine. But the price was about 50% so no worries.
Thanks that's really useful to know.

I did have a look at ao but personally they don't have a bbq enough choice for the induction jobs or downdraft extractors.
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