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Found 4th Jun 2008
Just moved house, im looking to put a landline in so i can connect to the net.

Whats the best deal for a b.t instalation ?, also the best unlimted (cheap) broadband package.

I also want to play xbox live.

Help me please.


Unlimited best price and customer service: ukonline.net/com…re/

With limits, but excellent customer service and cheap setup: freedom2surf.net/ads…hbb

Was just looking in to this yesterday for the fiancee's mum, these 2 come out on top in the [url]www.thinkbroadband.com[/url] comparison charts.

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UKOnline says connection fee, free?, take it that means just to connect to the net and not actually connect a landline to my home?.

I mine sumone saying that the fee had gone down to £50?.

Sorry I was looking at the lite package as you said you wanted it cheap, which has a £25 setup fee.

Remember also if you dont have a router, they will charge £49.99 for the router on any of their packages.

Are you sure you want unlimited? are you planning to download large amounts of files? if not that the limits on the F2S one's shouldnt restrict you, also setup is completely free and you get a free router.

p.s. if you do decide to go F2S then when complete the order and it asks "were you recommended by a friend" you can always put in my username "dmccabe"

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B.T website are quoting £124.99 installation!. Im not gonna be downloading alot , just playing xbox live really, so looking for an instalation and brodband package with free router.

how about sky

The freedom2surf basic package should be fine for your then
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