Looking for laptop 10-15 inch screen good processor and 2-4 gb memory, but most importantly must have a Matte screen, not glossy.

    Hi, I'm looking for a new laptop must be highly portable with a 10-15 inch screen, good processor and 2-4 gb memory, but most importantly must have a Matte screen, not glossy. Bought a Dell last year and its unusable in daylight or strong light source and this little laptop will be for traveling round and use in sunlight/daylight.

    thanks for any help - price 300-600 pounds range.


    alright mate, bought a lap top recently from staples, price is £380,

    Toshiba L300-1AS LAPTOP, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.0Ghz, 4GB Ram, 250GB Hard Drive, 15.4" Display, Windows Vista Home Premium

    seems to have a good bright display and I haven't experienced any problems from bright lights yet, comes with built in wireless card to which comes in very very handy!

    heres the site:…=WW

    hope this helps

    i just got delivery of this…nre

    and its excellent :P

    and its got a matte screen



    i just got delivery of this … i just got delivery of this its excellent :Pand its got a matte screenantonis

    dude, he's lookin for a lap top in the range of £300 - £600! Play is well over that region

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    The Play machine is excellent but well over my funds, thanks though. The toshiba is also good but its a trubrite display which is glossy. The major issue is that the laptop can be used outside in sunlight and the Toshiba Trubrite, Truelife, BrightView VibrantView. and Sony XBrite screens are all terrible in sunlight. Thanks again though and any other suggestions would be great.

    Any Fujitsu should have a non glossy screen , got the v5505 myself.
    If you don't mind normal onboard graphics try the v5535 on ebuyer.…336
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