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My girlfriend is looking to get a new laptop and wants it to be quite compact so she can travel with it easily. Ideally it needs to have a 12.1" screen and have built in dvd drive, decent size HDD (200gb) and at least 2gb ram. It will be used mainly for surfing the net, listening and storing music as well as storing photos and watching the odd dvd whilst travelling. Looking to spend around £500-£700.

She has seen and likes this HP tablet johnlewis.com/230…spx but doesn't really need the tablet screen so was wondering if anyone knew of a similar styled laptop with standard screen that may be better specced for the price.


Have a look at pcworld as they have a lot on clearance-im not technical so dont know if you will find what you want but im pretty sure i saw smaller screen laptops there. Quidco is 2 1/2% too.

have a look at the asus U series.. very small and nifty!! available at dixons and other online stores. Also available at the tax free dixons at the airport!! good savings thhere!! should set you back £599 ish!! Better still very cheap in the US.. if anyone is going there you can get it from there!! they have international warranty (2yrs) so can be repaired and fixed anywhere!!

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thanks for all the replies will give her this information tonight and see if any of these past her strict needs to look right test.

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