Looking for Laptop about £350

    I am looking to get my son a laptop for around £350. Have tried to get the Toshiba Sat L300 19Y but it is sold out in Scotland. Any other decent deals about?



    try the acer at tesco direct listed at 349 but can be had for 330 ish with vouches and tax back

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    Acer came in at £332 getting it delivered to a store with the voucher. Is the Fujitsu Siemens a better model - sorry but I am so useless with these things and don't want to go for just the cheapest.

    I have the v5505 model with 2ghz processor and absolutely love it, had it for over a year now and paid around 500 at the time, the model they are selling is slightly faster and newer.
    Would be a purchase for me if I didn't already have one.:thumbsup:

    Acer looks good also for price but have heard some people complaining about build quality.
    Also acer has 800mhz bus speed against the fujitsu's 667mhz.…spx

    Could always get the acer from tesco instore if you can,see how it goes and if you don't like it take it back within 28days for a refund and look elsewhere.

    Remember both laptops video cards aren't that great if he wants to play high spec games on it.
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