Looking for laptop around £500....

    I really hope someone can help me here. I've been looking for a laptop now for a few weeks and cant seem to get one exactly to suit my needs for around £500. Possibly going up to about £550

    Windows 7 64bit (or the ability to upgrade via the free upgrade program, so here before the weekend)
    Core 2 Duo 6600 or better
    1mp webcam or above
    Above 16" screen.
    Good resolution
    Good solid build with solid keyboard

    I'm not going to be playing games so a decent graphics card is not important.

    Thank you


    I assume by a better CPU you mean a faster one rather than a lower power one as you're going for a 17" laptop but what do you mean by a 'good' resolution? A low one so the text is nice and large and easily readable or a high one so you've got more space?

    Original Poster

    Yes. Either a 6600 or faster. As for the resolution, yeah I prefer one with a high resolution for more space rather than nice and large.

    wow, i'm looking for exactly the same thing, although i dont mind anything from 15" upwards

    also, you could probably find one that also has blu ray! :-D

    Original Poster

    Yeah. I'd probably take about a 15 inch so long as it has a numerical keypad. Don't think you'll find one with a bluray though for 500 Ish
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