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Found 3rd Apr 2009
My laptop showed yesterday the first bigger problems, I had vertical coloured stripes all over the monitor,sometimes there was no picture just the stripes.Today it's working fine but it looks like there is something broken.
A friend said it could be the "lamp" ??
It would be nice to hear your suggestions.

Repair it, or buy a new one,laptop is three year old.

Thanks for any help.

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Don't know too much about them, but it sounds like the Graphics card, as my brother had the same problem last year. Depending on the model you may have to change either the graphics card or the Motherboard., but dont quote me!!


Normally one of four things,
1, video chip, as laptops of a certain age were built with the first batch of lead free solder and prone to fracture, carrying it open with one hand on a corner normally breaks laptops as the chips are in the middle and bending the laptop makes it pop off if you know what i mean? it requires a reflow or new motherboard.
2, Screen panel, old age, or had a knock.
3, inverter, usually sits just under the screen behind the plastic, this gives the screen power for backlight etc. (if it goes off completely, look carefully you can see the picture faintly in the background)
4, MOST LIKELY (and cheapest in your case), Ribbon cable between motherboard and screen, constant opening causes this to fracture and can be picked up on fleabay cheaply, although it will need a partial strip to connect it to the motherboard and screen.

Good luck.

Although if it's messed up and then comes good more likely video chip, when it goes next carefully push down on the keyboard in various places and see if it comes good.

You could try a new screen from ebay,dropped mine last week and got a new one from bumblesale on ebay next day delivery, 67 quid delivered it cost me. :thumbsup:

]ebay link



Worth a shot.
If its not that resell it on ebay or send it back.

Sounds like the motherboard needs replacing (seen this kind of fault hundreds of times on iBooks and Powerbooks).

Did Windows continue to work fine, while the screen was not working properly, or had it all fozen up?

What make/model of computer is it?

I had a very similar problem with my Dell Inspiron, vertical lines in the centre of the screen. It was a broken contact on the back of the screen. I fitted a new screen, bought off E-Bay for £60. Sometimes it can be easily repaired for not much money, look in yellow pages for someone that repairs LCD tv's and ask.
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