Looking for Manchester City Centre Apartment from around July 2008

    I know this may not be the best place to post a request like this, but I've seen stranger things asked on here so I thought I might give it a shot.

    I am looking for an apartment to rent in Manchester City Centre from around mid to late July 2008 (although that can be negotiated), has to be Fully Furnished and ideally around the Whitworth Street area, although again the locality can also be negotiated if the price is good.

    1 Bedroom or plus will be good, but decent size studios would also definitely be considered.

    If anybody could point me in the right direction then I would really appreciate it.


    i don't know of any specific agent names to try so easiest thing would be to google it i think or try fish4homes or rightmove etc

    sorry i can't be of any more help

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    Already tried rightmove and found a couple on there, but not fish4homes so I'll give that a look, thanks.

    Try ]Gumtree, never used them, and know nothing about them, just found it through google search "short term flat rental manchester", which seemed to find a few other alternatives aswell - good luck!

    gumtree is the best..........cuts out the fee taking agents..............i ALWAYS get my tenants through gumtree

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    I have placed an ad on Gumtree and I've had one response but the guy sounds a bit dodgy.

    i thought it was a long term let. try (go through quidco).

    also try ]these

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    Well we would be living in it for about a year or so I think, I don't know if that is classed as a long term let.

    i'd class it as long term.

    try this ]google search and go from there.

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    I need to wait for my girlfriend to get back anyway, she's visiting her family in Japan at the moment.


    Well we would be living in it for about a year or so I think, I don't … Well we would be living in it for about a year or so I think, I don't know if that is classed as a long term let.

    Sorry, I don't know where I got the idea you wanted a short term let from - I must have been having one of those mornings - I'd got it in my head you only wanted it for 2 weeks!:oops:

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    That's OK, I didn't actually notice :-)

    I placed an ad on Gumtree anyway requesting offers, I have looked at a couple of the ads placed on there but most of them seem to be around Victoria Park and such.

    try google searching on a couple of developent names, like LeftBank Manchester, or Beetham Tower Manchester.

    May find you more results across different agents, and then give you agent names to search for other properties.
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