Looking for mobile phone deal and advice.

Found 23rd Sep 2007
After looking all morning for a phone deal without success thought I'd ask for some advice.

I want a 12 month cashback deal, not too bothered about the phone itself as I'll flog it (or keep it if it's a Sony with a decent camera).

Want it to be around £40 a month with a reputable company (my wife is currently with Carphone Warehouse and is very pleased with them).

The thing is I have a PAYG on O2 which I'll need to transfer to the contract as I use this phone for business. Is this possible?

Would it be easier to take a 12 month contract with O2 for porting purposes?

If anyone can advise me on the porting bit or point me to any deals I'd appreciate it.



Porting will not be a problem; you need to ask O2 (current provider of the number) for a PAC - the code to give you porting authority.

When signing up for a new contract, tell them you have a number you want to keep. It should be most straightforward with O2 but any campany will do it with minimal fuss.

As for a contract, I can't advise. I'm on Orange (business) at £35 / month which gives 800 x-net minutes, unlimited landlines, 200 texts and free insurance and a magic number, calls to which are free always.

Interesting info >>]here

I do not believe that you can port from o2 to o2.

A lot of cashback deals do not allow porting to their deals.

'Reputable' 12 month cashback deals are not something that i've come across much lately, Good luck.

Original Poster

Thanks for your input guys - I've since read that porting within O2 isn't possible.

I'm keen to find out about cashback and porting though...not got a clue on that one.

Could you not port to a pay as you go from another network then port back to 02.


Could you not port to a pay as you go from another network then port back … Could you not port to a pay as you go from another network then port back to 02.

Yes, but it could take a while.

I've personally used e2save and one stop phone shop (both owned by CPW). I've has no problems and I think that they are among the most reliable for cashback. They always seem to have some 12 month cashback deals on although at the moment these are no use to you as they are on o2.

You could as suggested earlier port to another PAYG then port to o2 but to be honest I'd just keep checking and wait until the offers change to another network. It'll probably be quicker than doing to ports anyway.

Their cashback t & c's have recently become a bit more strict as the best offers are always "price match", but as with all these types of deals as long as you are organised you shouldn't have any problems

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Thanks for that - it's an offer I spotted recently. However you can't port an existing number to it. Someone has already tried it.

yes you can, you jus need the pac number as you are on o2 you cant port to the same network when doing so tell the advisor on the phone you would like to port your number over or when you get your handset.
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