Looking for Mp3 player

    Don't want to pay loads no more than £80 really. Want a neat player. got a Ipod Classic which i use at home for playing music. Want a smaller player nice and neat.

    Does anyone have a sony mp3 player. was thinking of getting this Sony NWZ-S639F

    Never had a sony player. Have had creative and Ipods. Had a sony mini disc years ago.

    Any feedback much appreciated


    Do you want it mainly for playing music or is video important as well?

    i have this:…4gb

    i know its not sony but these are very good MP3 players. The video quality is Excellent and you won't find many mp3 players with Bluetooth.

    Original Poster

    Just for music. won't have time to watch films. Music on the go really.

    Some current bargains:
    ]Sony Walkman NWZ-S639F 16GB Red £79.99 delivered at Play
    ]Samsung YP-Q1JEB/XEU 16GB MP3 player

    In terms of audio, i think the best players at the moment are made by Sony, Cowon and Sansa (just the Fuze and clip models).
    I like the ]Cowon iaudio 7 8GB MP3 Player which is nice and compact and sounds great but alsa has no memory expansion.

    The Sansa Fuze is also good because they have a micro sd slot so you can expand the memory and the card is fully intergrated with the player, unlike with Creative players.

    I have never owned a Sony so I couldn't say how good or bad they are, but here is a review from a respected site.…php
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