Looking for necklace or similar with Daughter on or mummys princess PLEASE HELP

Hi all, i am looking for something special for my five year daughter to leave with her for when i have to leave her for 3 weeks , There used to be loads of different necklaces around with daughter on it or with mummys princess or something similar or even ones where u can each wear a bit. Argos havent got anything suitable , and google isnt finding anything. please help rep given


have you heard of nomination bracelets? latest craze-basically you buy the basic bracelet with square silver metal links and then replace them as you go along with charm style links-they are quite cool and they certainly have links that say daughter on them and hundreds of other ones-do a google on nomination bracelets and have a look-my daughter loves hers.

this says 'princess', and its a childs..........


how about a locket with daughter written on it? hsamuel.co.uk/web…11/
sorry just realised it would be too long for her

there was a lovely car stick on sign in halfords tonight - pink says princess on board - also reduced

i got my daughter a lovely necklace from asda at christmas, silver with "princess" in pink at the front, it wasnt very dear...

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thanks people, off shopping now, rep left. This site is so good for ideas, and bargains im totally hooked lol

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Any other suggestions, cheers
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