Looking for Netbook for the missus... any good deals about at the minute?

    As stated in the title, would really prefer Windows XP.
    Looking to spend a couple of hundred, would like 10" display, 1Gb Ram and a good sized HDD.
    Not really up to speed with netbooks to be honest, any help would be great...


    here is one site mate, spend less than a couple of hundred. Go better than a netbook and get a laptop…227

    note some do come with less warranty .

    But if your looking for something cheap bigpockets is a good option.

    also Boogie83e has shown you on of the best sites ever!!!!

    Original Poster

    cheers guys....

    Even though the Samsung NC10 costs more than the average netbook, it's worth the price as it is above average in the netbook market. There have been revisions to the model but I'm very happy with my netbook.
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