Looking For New Mobile Contract + Nokia Phone


    I am looking for new contract, as my'n is finishing on 11/02. I would like something up front rather than paying monthly and cashback thing is not my taste as av had lot of problems in past with cashback.

    Also any good NOKIA phones about oh yeah this all has to be CHEAP...

    thanks for looking and thanks in advance for replying..


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    It's very hard to find a cheap contract on a good nokia phone without cashback.

    It also makes it very hard for me to deal hunt, because there's no straight-forward cheap contract and any comparison lists I do have include cashback offers, making it virtually impossible to find the non-cashback ones.

    The best tip is to telephone each network, because there's often ways of them getting it to you cheaper than it is on their websites!

    There's something I can help you out with though... Most companies give you 0845/0870 numbers, and these cost a lot more than a lot of normal call rates and aren't included in inclusive minutes you may have with your provider. So type the company name in on >>THIS WEBSITE<< and you'll be able to find the 'geographical' number, and it'll save you from hunting for their numbers in the first place. 0800 numbers are obviously the best to ring - they're free!!
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