Looking for new refurb laptop

    I have decided to treat myself to na new laptop, i a using a Lenovo T410 i5 2.4 Ghz intel cpu with 125 Gb SSD and 4 GB of ram, I can spend up to £600 on new setup,Will be used for surfing, Download Software and driver for installing on other machines i am fixing, also a bit of gaming, i would like a bigger screen as Lenovo only has a 14.1"


    I just got a X230 from Here the laptop looks brand new

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    what your view on this one…734?hash=item4afd6e9d1e:g:6icAAOSwvgdW1uQj


    what your view on this … what your view on this one

    £499 for a laptop that doesn't have a FHD screen.... oO
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