looking for a cheap decent tv 37 to 40 inchs don't want samsung as i have one and has developed fault


    when you say cheap whats you budget =? in the region of less than £450 or sumthing... the best deal recently was the 42" LG that went like hot cakes on ebay DOTD for £369, you botherd about LCD or Plasma?? and finally what would you be using it for primarily? standard definition sources, blue ray movies, sport, gaming etc...

    one website i would always reccomend as a baseline for checking a television set is, click on the tv section and you can select budget and size etc.. acts as a great basic price comparison and provides a lot of real customer reviews which i find really useful!

    that LG set is the 42LD450 gets real great reviews and current best is £427…450

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    probably 400- 500 budget

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    lcd blu rays ps3 gaming hd please

    if you dont need many connections which is the only place the LG ive mentioned is lacking 2 hdmi i think and 2 scarts or sumthing then it would do a fantastic job for you im sure!

    input lag is one little thing to be careful about when buying a set if your serious about gaming though it can be difficult to find out the times and is often barely noticeable,

    id always be tempted to go bigger with the LG if it was my money, but i you specifically want 37-40" the pickings are pretty slim at the moment with not many good deals

    i know you said you dont want samsung but over budget at 554 is the UE37C5100, expensive but its full LED and i really think you can notice the difference, i dont think it would be long before an LED about your size will come down to the top end of your budget if waitings an option..

    LG 37" LD450 is £394 at amazon, cheaper at home cinema but i dunno what there like, but the 42" is only £30 more..

    i had a 37" sony myself but had issues with backlight bleeding on a notorious model and if you went with sony the panels are meant to be much better in the 40", the 40ex401 doesnt seem too bad at £480 from dixons

    last years panasonic models were all highly rated in general..

    whatever you decide to do id say deal with a reputable retailer as its soo much easier if theres an issue, tbh from all my reading and stuff the LG gets the best reviews and seems the current stand out for value LD are this years models Lh are last years, there not bad either but you struggle to find stocking as the clearance period for these is pretty much over with 3D out now...

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    Have problems with shadowing on samsung

    might be just an old model...
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