Looking for Nintendo Wii games suitable for children.

I have just bought the WII deal from Gamestation whch came with Wii Sports, Big Brain Academy, Guiness book of Records and Carnival games.
I am looking for other games suitable for children.


we already have a Wii but i just bought my daughter who is 4 some games that she can play for her xmas. i got, action girlz racing, diego & happy feet. We already have mario cart & she can play this very easily.
Hope this helps. (what age are your children?)

mario kart, mario party, go diego go, & my boys love ben 10

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My kids are girl aged 11 and 2 boys aged 8 & 6.
Anyone out there got anything for sale????????

Not sure if the deals still on but check front of store(?) local Currys loads of games £5'er each

Mario and sonic at hte olympics games is amazing for childrenand warioware is really fun for them

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Anyone ???????

I was gonna say Super Mario Galaxy which I love just as much as my kids but your littleun is only 4 so it might be a bit advanced... having said that my eldest son who is now 14 was a master on it at the age of 3.. after watching his cousin play it. Nothing to be proud of really lol x
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